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All prices are presented LVL and EUR with PVN %. Spare parts and some materials are not included in price. Prices are informative, about specific service works and costs of a specific car you can learn at our service station, where prices will be specified taking into account specific features of work.


Executive workPricePrice EUR
Oil change (oil and filter change)4-8Ls5,69- 11,38 EUR
Front break chock change8-16Ls11,38 - 22,76 EUR
Hinder break chock change10-16 Ls14,22- 22,76 EUR
Front shock-absorber change 1 piecefrom 10Lsfrom 14,22 EUR
Hinder shock-absorber changefrom 8Lsfrom 11,38 EUR
Steering finger change 1 piecefrom 5-10Ls11,38 - 22,76 EUR
Steering finger change 1 piecefrom 8-12Ls11,38 - 17,07 EUR
Front axel-box changefrom 10Lsfrom 14,22 EUR
Hinder axel-box changefrom 15Lsfrom 21,34 EUR
Axle-shaft outward pivot changefrom 15Lsfrom 21,34 EUR
Front wheel bearing changefrom 10Lsfrom 14,22 EUR
Hinder wheel bearing changefrom 7Lsfrom 9,96 EUR
Gear box dismantling / assemblingfrom 50Lsfrom 71,14 EUR
Gear box repairfrom 80Lsfrom 113,83 EUR
Tire mounting 4 piecesfrom 12Lsfrom 17,07 EUR
Car wheel geometry regulation15-30 Ls21,34- 42,69 EUR
Starter change10-30Ls14,22- 42,69 EUR
Starter repairfrom 10Lsfrom 14,22 EUR
Thermostat change5-15Ls11,38 - 21,34 EUR
Generator change5-15 Ls11,38 - 21,34 EUR
Generator repairfrom 10Lsfrom 14,22 EUR
Engine repairfrom 160Lsfrom 227,66 EUR
Engine head repair and separator change50-160Ls71,14- 227,66 EUR
Engine support cushion change5-15Ls7,11 - 21,34 EUR
Air filter change3-10Ls4,27 - 14,22 EUR
Salon filter change5-15Ls7,11 - 21,34 EUR
Fuel filter changefrom 6Lsfrom 8,54 EUR
Water pump changefrom 12Lsfrom 17,07 EUR
Feed-belt changefrom 6Lsfrom 8,54 EUR
Engine timing belt changefrom 30Lsfrom 42,69 EUR
Running gear diagnostics5 Ls7,11 EUR
Engine/ electro system diagnosticsfrom 10Lsfrom 14,22 EUR
Exhaust pipe weldingfrom 7Lsfrom 9,96 EUR
Double pedal mountingfrom 65Lsfrom 92,49 EUR
Car mechanical polishing (3M pastes)from 30Lsfrom 42,69EUR
Anticorrosion workfrom 160Lsfrom 227,66 EUR
Body works (painting of one component)
Painting of capote75-100Lsfrom 106,71- 142,28 EUR
Painting of bumperfrom 50Lsfrom 71,14 EUR
Painting of fenderfrom 40Lsfrom 56,91 EUR
Repair of bumperfrom 10Lsfrom 14,22 EUR